Hyori clan -clan of storming souls

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Hyori clan -clan of storming souls

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 10, 2008 10:04 pm

Name of Clan:Hyori clan[clan of the storming souls]

Kekkei Genkai:magnetic chakra and soul projection

Element:lightning and earth

Special Characteristic:pale blue hair and dark blue eyes

Description:expert lightning users swordsmen and archers

Country: Where your clan resides.cloud

Clan Jutsus:soul projection-projects the soul to take over another person by kicking out their soul.
flying thunder god seal-instead of a paper and kunai i write the seal on my hand bite my thumb and place blood on the seal the seal with copy itself on anything my palm comes in contact with
flying hand seal-works with the flying thunder god can shoot the seal of the hand and onto a target only flys straight moves at a steady pace
super thunder wave-gathers as much chakra as possible in the palm making a giant thunder ball and he can then throw the ball or slam it into opponent when the ball makes contact with anything the ball super sizes depending on chakra input and blasts the target or whatever it hit gets blast with forces from 4-120mph and gets paralyzed and cut after the blast force depends on chakra input


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Re: Hyori clan -clan of storming souls

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:40 am

1) the Description is about your Clan. And it needs to be longer. 5-8 sentences.

good luck with the forum, soul & Okibi

i am coming back. get ready :]


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