The Hoikyousha Clan

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The Hoikyousha Clan

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Kekki Genki:The ability to merge with any matter that comes in contact with bare hands this kekki genki can cause disease if user merges with a corrupted matter. The kekki genki uses two different type of chakra ,chakra from inside the body and chakra from nature.


Special Characteristics:All members have special markings on there hands that seem to grow every year until the whole body is covered in these markings.

Country:The Hidden Sand Village

Clan History:The Hoikyousha clan was a pacifist clan that hated war until the Second Shinobi War when they where drafted by the Wind Country because of there kekki genki. Terrified and angry they entered the war they fought with out mercy and kept no prisoners when the war was over they had lost few members . Soon after the war the clan members started to die from a disease that was caused by the over use of the kekki genki. The clans numbers where cut in half by the disease . The Clan decided to return to there pacifist roots and created the Hoikyousha Temple where they lived for years to come until they where drafted again by the Wind Country . This time many Hoikyousha clan members died in the war they killed many other clans and but the clan numbers where cut in half again by the disease so only a quarter of the clan was left.During the war the Hoikyousha prayed to the Sky God Ventes to help them and he did he gave the Hoikyousha his birds the Spirit birds that the Hoikyousha have been using ever since .Every member of the Hoikyousha has a spirit bird but they must find them first to become a true Hoikyousha member .

Clan Jutsu:

Name:Spirit Bird Summoning
Rank:Secret Clan Jutsu( Rank D to S)
Description:The user will summon a bird made of blue chakra.

Name:Feather Fury Genjutsu
Rank:Secret Clan Jutsu( Rank A)
Description:The user creates an a illusion that the enemy is surrounded by feathers that turn into shurinkin and strike the enemy

Name:Air Raid
Rank:Secret Clan Jutsu (Rank S)
Description:The user jumps up in the air then spins while striking the opponent with air blades


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