Namoto bloodline

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Namoto bloodline

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:30 pm

Name of Clan:Namoto

Kekkei Genkai:Jutus of Darkness and Hell


Special Characteristic:

Description:The Namoto clan practices an ancient religion. Once you turn ten you get a demon inside you, in the Namoto clan the demon is a way of saying "Be a man". The demon is put into you with a special ceremony in which the whole family gathers around, the demon is from hell it is a true part of darkness,after the ceremony a black skull forms on the users chest. Here is the clan's crest: It is a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth.

Country:Leaf Village

Clan Jutsus:
Name:Fire Style:Hellfire Jutsu
Description:this is a ninjutsu/genjustu. THE USER FIRES AN ENORMOUS BALL OF HELLFIRE. if the fire hits the oponent they r left severley burned and get a genjutsu cast upon them, which makes them relive the worst and saddest thing that has ever happened to them in their mind for a short period of time, which will also leave them stuned for a short period of time.

Name:Summoning Jutsu:The Grim Reaper
Descripiton:The user can summon the grim reaper. The reaper can "reap" someones chakra and store it in a box. The jutsu puts an enormous strain on the user. The Grim reaper can also use Fire Style:Hellfire Jutsu.

Name:Undead horde
Descriotion:The user can summon a group of zombies. For example; AS and genin summon zombie chipmunks squirrls etc;Chuunin summon z0mbie wolf fox tiger etc etc; Jounin and higher summon actual human zombies. These zombies do not eat flesh, they eat chakra.

Name:Black Tentacle Jutsu
Description:Black tentacles come out of the ground and can wrap around the oponent and suffocate them.

Name:Black Rose Jutsu
Decription:Black roses will come out of the ground and emit a large cloud of poison. the poison causes nausia and paralysis. AS can paralyz ninja for 1 post;Chuunin 2;Jounin and higher 3.

Name:Black Chakra
Description:This is teh result of the demon. The dmeon can give you a boost in chakra, speed and strength. Your chakra will turn black.


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