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Oda Clan

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Clan Name: Oda

Kekkei Genkai: None

Elements: Wind and Fire

Clan Symbol/Crest

Special Characteristics: All men in the Oda clan wear long white robes sometimes with red strips. It isconsidered honourable to wear the robes on all occasions including battle although this has also caused some problems. The Oda Clan specialises in using combination attacks of wind and fire as well as simplistic genjutsu to distract their opponents. As a coming-of-age gift, exceptional members of the clan may be given their own personally crafted kunai.

History: The Oda clan were once a fierce clan of nomadic horsemen who lived on the great deserts and plains that is the Wind Country. They were
rewarded for fighting for the ruler of the Wind Country who rewarded
them with vast riches. So it came to be that when Sunakagure was
founded, it was the Oda clan that helped fund the founding as well as
becoming one of the original clans to help found Sunakagure. Gradually
what was once a nomadic clan of horsemen became settled and with their
new riches and lands became one of the most respected clans in Suna.

Fierce wars and battles gradually led to the dwindling of the clan until only
the shinobi (ninja) of the clan still remain. The riches however were passed on and in many ways they had become a noble clan. Oda Washi and his family are one of the few Oda left due to the clan's rules of only marrying those of similar noble heritage.

Oda Washi's father, Oda Nobuyuki is the current head of the clan and
manages all the internal and political affairs of the clan. Washi is
the current heir although it is unknown if his father had changed it to
someone else since Washi's abandonment of Sunagakure.

Country: Wind Country

Clan Jutsu:

Name: Fuuton: Hyoushi - Wind Release: Pulse
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind

Description: The user inhales and expells a pulse of wind capable of blowing enemies back and protecting the user against kunai and shuriken.

Name: Fuuton, Katon: Kemuri - Wind and Fire Release: Smoke
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind and Fire

Description: The user quickly spews out a mixture of fire and wind creating hot smoke which blocks the enemy's vision temporarily and irritates their eyes and lungs.

Name: Magen: Shiroi Rakuen - Demonic Illusion: White Paradise
Type: Genjutsu
Element: N/A

Description: When this jutsu is used it sends the target into a genjutsu which resembles a blissful paradise. This genjutsu is easy to break out of with Kai or external influence.

Name: Katon: Kotori - Fire Release: Little Bird
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire

Description: The user inhales and expells small balls of fire that resemble little birds.


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