Kazura Clan [Finished]

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Kazura Clan [Finished]

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:55 am

Name of Clan: Kazura

Kekkei Genkai: Ayatsuriryoku

Element: Lightning, Water (Raiton, Suiton)

Special Characteristic: Chakra Manipulation

Description: [Below]

Country: Shichiyoukuni - Moon Country

Clan Jutsus:

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Wind Tech: Clan Techniques

Mysterious Jutsu

Chitai Shichiyou - Area of the Moon 月のエリア
Rank: C
Type: Genjutsu
Chitai Shichiyou is utilized by the Missing ninja, Toshiro Kazura.
Toshiro is able to shift the Area into a night-like scene, the Full
moon shining brightly overhead, No matter if it's inside or outside,
and being able to use Sutoraiki Hisakata in full motion, making it a
bit more powerful for the user. The Chitai Shichiyou is a move that can
be used in conjunction with Sutoraiki Hisakata.

Sutoraiki Hisakata: Strike of the Moon
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Sutoraiki Hisakata is used within the Kekkei Genkai of the Kazura Clan.
The user would be able to blend with the night-like area, or used in
conjunction with Chitai Shichiyou. When the user begins to strike
within the Shades of the Night-like Scene, Able to push chakra towards
the opponent with intense Speed and Accuracy, pushing in a blade of
steel or chakra itself, putting in only a small amount of damage.

Basic Ninjutsu:

Name: Chakra Blade - Tou Chakra 中心輪刃
Rank: C
On the efficiency of the Kazura Clan's Chakra manipulation, a member
can channel chakra through a Blade or weapon, making more vicious with
the impacted blows. The chakra used within this technique must be
constant, or the jutsu will fail. On activation, the flow of jutsu must
be at that amount, or will flow to a thin state, and then vanish.

Name: Chakra Kunai - Kunai Chakra 中心輪宮内
Rank: C
On the efficiency of the Kazura Clan's chakra manipulation, a member
can channel chakra through a normal Kunai, making the sharped edges and
traveling distance more vicious. When flying, the kunai will maintain
chakra by placing a small amount of condensed chakra through the tip
and the end, and can become more powerful by adding an exploding tag or
something else.

Medium Level Ninjutsu:

Chakra Blade Slash - Chakra Tou Tateru 中心輪刃斜線〔カット〕
Rank: B
With the efficiency of the Kazura Clan's Chakra Manipulation, a member
can use this along with the Chakra Blade Technique. Within the Blade, a
member can slash a large amount of chakra with the blade, causing a
slash made of pure chakra, and can be cut through a small density
steel, but travels in a straight line, making it easy to dodge. The
length of the Slash depends on the amount of chakra within the body.

Chakra Kunai Explosion - Chakra Kunai Bakuhatsu 宮内爆発
Rank: B
With the efficiency of the Kazura Clan's Chakra manipulation, a member
can use this along with the Chakra Kunai Technique. Within the kunai, a
small mass of chakra can be condensed within the tip or the middle of
the handle of the kunai. Once impacted on something, the kunai will
explode immensely with the condensed chakra inside being pushed towards
the impacted point, blasting away at anything in it's path. The blast
is only a small diameter, so it can be easily avoided in a small term.

High Level Ninjutsu:

Ultima Chakra Sword Slash - Kyuukyoku Tou Tateru 尾音節中心輪剣斜線〔カット〕
Rank: A
With the efficiency of the Kazura Clan's Chakra manipulation, a member
can use this along with the Chakra Sword Technique. With the sword, the
member can use a large amount of their chakra to create a slash of
chakra more powerful than the normal chakra slash technique, being able
to use it in a circular formation of the slash, not along the ground,
but also in the air, if used in a circular slash. With the intense
amounts of chakra being given off, the user may feel a bit worn out
with the slash if used alot of chakra beforehand.

Ultima Chakra Kunai Explosion - Kyuukyoku Kunai Bakuhatsu 尾音節宮内爆発
Rank: A
With the efficiency of the Kazura Clan's Chakra manipulation, a member
can use this along with the Chakra Kunai technique. With the kunai in
the member's hand, they can charge a large portion of condensed chakra
into the handle of the kunai, so if the kunai impacts on something or
is caught by the opponent, a massive explosion of the kunai would cause
major damage to the target. The Explosion erupts as soon as the
Condensed chakra touches the target, on the contact of anything too.
With the condensed chakra, it may feel a bit too much for an
inexperienced member of the clan to use this type of jutsu.

Forbidden Ninjutsu:

Ultra Chakra Sword Slash - Urutora Chakra Tou Tateru 超中心輪剣斜線〔カット〕
Rank: S
On the basis of the Kazura clan's Chakra manipulation, this is a deadly
jutsu to use against any adversary. Condensing a large portion of
chakra into the tip of the blade of the Chakra Sword, Swinging the
sword even once will release the condensed chakra into a massive
explosion around the member, creating a large wave of the chakra around
the edges of the member, cutting back mostly any substance and raging
forward in a sphere like formation, making it a tough Ninjutsu to beat.
With the intense amount of chakra usage, the member may feel drained by
the use of the Jutsu, if inexperienced, maybe worse.

Ultra Kunai Explosion - Urutora Kunai Bakuhatsu 宮内爆発
Rank: S
On the basis of the Chakra Manipulation of the Kazura clan, this is a
deadly jutsu against any adversary. Condensing a large portion of
chakra into the tip and handle of the kunai, once impacted onto
something or someone, a deadly blast of chakra will be released,
blasting through even the toughest of steel, and maybe backfire is
impacted on something close to the member. The member would either feel
exhausted, tired, or maybe nothing if experienced enough on the use of
the Ninjutsu or worse if inexperienced on the use.

Destruction Jutsu: Clan Techniques

Angelic String Smash - Ultimate Pull
Rank: A
With the abilities of the Kazura Clan's Chakra manipulation, they can
conjure this technique with little flaw. Channeling a large amount of
chakra within the user's left or right fist, or a desired area, the
strength of the muscular system will increase. If smashing into an
opponent, the user can send the chakra into the impacted area of the
opponent, creating a chakra string in the process. When pulled, the
strength of the user with the chakra still channeled, can easily snap a
bone, muscle tissue, etc in a slight movement of a wrist.

Angel Strike - Ultimate Pound
Rank: B
Description: With the abilities of the Kazura Clan's Chakra
manipulation, they can channel chakra into a desired part of the limbs
and induce a large amount of more striking damage than a normal hit to
the desired area. If holding the channeled chakra too long or too
short, it will disappear if not in a constant motion of chakra.

Angelic Oblivion - Ultimate Suicide
Rank: S
Description: With the abilities of the chakra manipulation of the
Kazura Clan, they can conjure this technique with built chakra within
themselves. Channeling mostly all of their chakra into the centermost
part of the user's body, they can hold it in the spot for a charging
time, allowing the chakra to become condensed. After the enemy draws
close, they can release the blast of intense chakra, destroyed him/her
self and the area around them with the greatest of strength and power,
and can even shatter through the toughest of defenses. The user is
turned to ash with the chakra implosion, if not maybe just dead.

Angelic Power - Ryoku Strike
Rank: A
Description: Within the power of 'Ryoku' in the Chakra manipulation of
the Kazura clan, they can conjure this technique with ultimate power.
Channeling massive amounts of chakra into the desired part of the body,
preferably the palms or feet, they can intensify a strike with over
200x it's normal strength, causing a normal strike to turn into a large
crater in the ground if impacted completely. Drawbacks include the
muscular system being damaged farther by 50% in the Ryoku Drawbacks.

Angelic Power - Ryoku Blast
Rank: S
Description: Within the power of 'Ryoku' in the chakra manipulation of
the Kazura clan, they can conjure this technique with ultimate power.
Channeling massive waves of power into the palms, the user can condense
a very large sphere of chakra, causing waves of power to surround the
user and the opponent, causing damage to both sides. The sphere size
depends on the amount of chakra the user possesses. This sphere can be
launched at a Distance, or up close, causing much more damage than a
normal condensed blast.

Sasina Rebirth - Ultimate Death
Rank: SS
Description: With the bloodline of the great hero of the Kazura clan,
Sasina Kazura, the strength of that hero is instantly gained through
the bloodline. Spreading a large amount of the user's blood across the
arms, in a pattern of a rebirth symbol, they will gain tha abilities of
the great hero, Sasina, with all her strength and power from ages past.
Strength is over 300x it's normal area, chakra is powered beyond the
abnormal amount. This technique lasts only up to 30 minutes, after, the
rebirth of the strength and power of Sasina vanishes, so does the user,
with the cost of reviving a lost soul, ultimate oblivion.

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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:55 am

Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Trait) of the Kazura Clan

The Ayatsuriryoku was developed by the highest ranking members in the Kazura clan around the time of the First shinobi war in the Continent. The members discovered the Ayatsuriryoku to be able to manipulate the surrounding chakra, their own chakra, into a formation of many designs and patterns to fit the need of the Kazura, and being able to use Genjutsu and Ninjutsu along with it. Similar to the Leaf ninja's Sharingan, the Boukyakugan is able to use devastating Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. The Members of the Kazura clan are to be able to use Earth and Lightning elements in a well-patterned format if able to go to the ranking of Adulthood (Like the Uchiha, they had to be able to spit fire from their mouths in a great fireball to become an Adult.). The vision of the Ayatsuriryoku user was set up into Three different stages, the First state, the Second state, and the Third state.

The chakra manipulation, used to form weapons out of chakra, but only for a so long of time, can be altered with the chakra control and flow of the chakra network within the body, handling the more useful jutsu's with a bit of ease. The trick to forming weapons from chakra is the bloodline, with the First and second states of the Ayatsuriryoku, a member can shift the chakra within the body from a certain point in the body, mainly the palms, arms, legs, or feet, and be able to manipulate the state of a flowing chakra, to a solidification state, causing it to turn into a blue weapon, on the color of chakra anyway. The process takes a lot of chakra from the body just to make one or two weapons like this, to the chakra control of the user, it can differ from one thing to another, and may break down moments after the weapon is constructed, or explode on making of the weapon from misuse of the Chakra Manipulation Technique. Condensed chakra is the toughest to master with the massive amounts it takes, and the control it needs to actually pull off. Condensed chakra is just a compressed amount of a large portion of chakra, making it more devastating to the opponent, and the user. With moving one arm to the next, the user can create a barrier of chakra around the chakra itself, as the arm moves towards the chakra, it will shrink, thus compressing it within standards enough to actually pull of a condensed amount of chakra. Usually under circumstances, the condensed chakra would explode if not properly handled, so it is pretty tough to make sure it doesn't implode or explode on the person conjuring this.

Ayatsuriryoku - Manipulation Power

First State: Life Finder - Itonami Fainda

Description: The first state was known as the 'Life Finder' (Itonami Fainda [Japanese format]), which is able to manipulate the seen chakra around the area into a weapon of choice, not made by Jutsu of any kind, and marking of veins show up on the arms of the user, the chakra network working it's way towards the manipulation process. The process of the Manipulation is draining to the user of it's chakra, reason, the Chakra expelled from the body cannot be placed back into the user because of it's use, even with the greatest of chakra control cannot do so.

Second State: Life Flower - Seimei Kusabana

Description: The second state was known as the 'Life Flower' (Seimei Kusabana [Japanese format]), which is able to use chakra in a Genjutsu and Ninjutsu more effectively and more powerfully. Within the use of the Second state, the veins of the user begin to show as the chakra network's flow of chakra begins to flow faster, at a more-productive pace, being able to use the Chakra-consuming Ninjutsu and Genjutsu a bit more powerfully, and with more drawbacks on the matter. With each Ninjutsu and Genjutsu used, the amount needed for them are timed by the amount needed by the size of the chakra flow through the body.

Third state: Life Giver - Jinsei Ataenushi

Description: On the Third state, the right or left eye is permanently sealed to become a bringer of annihilation to the mind and body. The color of the eye is mainly grey or a dark crimson, and the flow of chakra used in manipulation is automatically doubled by the amount given off by any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. By the same marking the Chakra used in both terms are doubled to it's highest state. The eye is also used in some of the clans' forbidden Genjutsu, used to call forth a power which is harmful to the target and the user. The eye will become more and more blurred with each use of Genjutsu, degrading it to it's lowest state, and to blindness. The chakra network, of overuse of the Chakra manipulation, will cause in a complication of the chakra network, and be less able to do Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Information of the Kazura Clan.

The Kazura have a Distinct specialty of manipulation of chakra within the body, and can form a simple amount of the energy to become a weapon or attack itself. With most Kazura, the attacks can be short timed, or long timed, the attacks differ with the amount of chakra the user has in his/her body, and can be immediately exhausted in a simple attack. Differing between attacks and Jutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, Genjutsu is the main problem of the clan.The use of the Kekkei Genkai of the Clan is used only for the ones who have mastered the Elemental of the clan's right to Adulthood. The chakra manipulation Kekkei Genkai is used in fierce battles against tough opponents, or just to practice a bit for the chakra control of the clan. The manipulation of Chakra with the Kazura clan is actually based on the Ninjutsu techniques that arouse the clan to it's greatness.

History of the Kazura Clan.

Beginning Arc
Eighteen hundred years ago, far before any villages or land was decided between the nations, there was always peace and prosperity, no wars, no fighting to the death, like before them. The kazura clan was settled on the To-be, Land of fire, where the Leaf village would surely be built. Years pass, the kazura realizing their bloodline had been a special one, the specialty of chakra manipulation. Long before the First shinobi war, peace had still settled in the lands, the bloodline of the kazura standing to even this moment, thousands of members, on a wide piece of land. But the peace would not last long, a saying from a member twenty years ago, an elder.

At the first sign of war, The kazura quickly gathered their strongest and most prestigious members of the bloodline, suiting them up for this oncoming threat, their three major enemies from the four corners of the continent, The Narame and the Amizaru, both masters of other types of jutsu. All sides prepared themselves for the worst war they would ever have to fight, the one for the freedom of their clan, to say free and peaceful, but peace, was not what they did. The war began, the three clans converged on each other, blades swinging, blood flying, people dying, the worst war could offer. Days passed and nights continued, the bloodshed never stopped, not once, they battered each other with maces, axes, Swords, all of a different substance. At the brink of defeat at the Kazura side, someone stepped up to take down the threat, even if it cost her, her life. Yes, it was a female, the best female in the clan, even greater than the men themselves, master of the most dangerous Ninjutsu they had to offer, including the Genjutsu, Light of Oblivion - Ranpu Shitsunen, And the clan's signature technique, Chaos Oblivion - Ranmyaku Shitsunen. Hundreds of lives were killed on this attack, many gone insane, the power of Sasina, the woman, was so immense, no one could match her power, but it didn't last long. Grief filled the clan as a single arrow swept passed her defenses, piercing her heart in an instant, the chakra around her fading out, Sasina has fallen. With the death of their prized Kunochi, they became more and more powerful, each with anger against the other two clans, disrupting the entire flow of the war, killing thousands of the other clans in mere moments, the chakra of the clan bursting from their bodies itself! Not one member backed down, all forcing their all in their onslaught, then darkness fell upon the war, not much is known about the end, but we all can say, it ended in bloodshed...

As the war ended, many casualties were administered, many funerals have been taken place. The Three clans have had their greatest clan members to appoint a ambassador for the meeting being taken place at the wars' end. At the meeting, the daughter of Sasina Kazura, stepped up to be the ambassador, to see if they could become peaceful with each other. During the meeting, two of the men from the two clans stepped forward from their clans' to be ambassadors' for the meeting, with an intention of making sure no war came forth again, with a cost. Two hours later, the meeting ends, a paper is signed, a treaty, one that shall end all wars between the clans, no matter what, and if any clan is threatened to war, all three clans will be in the war with each other, fighting the threat as one, but divided clans still stand.

Ten Years Ago
Ten Years ago, on a faithful day of the Kazura clan, came the worst catastrophe in the history of the clan, the annihilation of the clan. A massive explosion in the center of the houses began to onslaught of the destruction, ten figures stood in the flowing cloud of black smoke, armed with a steel blade in each hand, burning with a eerie black aura, as if they were demons themselves. Blood was split onto the ground, lives were taken, burning through the number of Kazura in the clan, house after house, leaving no one left behind in the houses. Yet, a secret group of young Kazura fled, trying to escape the fiends, one stepped in front of the ground, an unconscious girl lay in one of the kazura's arms, and the kazura tossed the girl to another Kazura, saying that he would take on the enemy, and make sure the attacker didn't go any farther. The attacker was killed, so severe, that the kazura was slammed through several hundred trees on the jutsu he used, but was caught by one of the fleeing kazura a mile away. A day later, they arrive in a different village, and they were going to have to deal with being an outcast from another village, and was sent to the Kage's office of that village. They were accepted into the village, as long as they kept their quiet about being from another village, the leader was kind and generous, he let them stay in a small house on the far end of the village, and made sure, they never were found.

The clan now is small, about the same number of people as when they were attacked, but one kazura left them, to pursue the ones who killed their clan, and made sure they weren't going to get away with it, with all his power, the kazura would use every last bit of strength he had, to stop the killers in their tracks, even if he had to die to do so. Days pass, the traveling clan kept going and going, to the seasons, they traveled near and far, and settled in one spot, where they would begin to reform the clan, no matter what.

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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

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Hmm Not bad I like it.
But how exactly do you form the chakra into a weapon.
From Chakra to matter?
Please explain how this is possible.


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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

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Done. Second post, second paragraph.


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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

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Very good.
Now how about the bigger and stronger the weapon the more chakra it takes to use it.
Also, you have to use the energy of yourself. Not from around you, your not a sennin.
I will approve this once I finish reading ALL of it...T.T
And the jutsus as well.
Anyways so far so good.


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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

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Good luck! xD


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Re: Kazura Clan [Finished]

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