Udumo Clan

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Udumo Clan

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:43 pm

Clan History: The Udumo clan was started by a man named Hishomito. He created the clan bloodline, which is transforming into a monster that resembles a vampire. The Udumo clan's popularity lasted for many years, but eventually, it was almost completely destroyed. The Akatsuki was planning an attack towards the village at night, and much of the Udumo clan was lost. The Akatsuki's attack was stopped, but much blood was spilled that night. Now, every Udumo is to find a "Chosen One" at the age of 17, raise the population of the clan.

Every Udumo holds a monster inside of them. The monster's abilities vary, from Giant Water Prisons, to Earthquakes. You can choose:

Academy Student: 5 ablities for your monster
Genin: 8
Chunin: 10
Missing-Ninja: 13
Jonin: 15
Akatsuki: 20


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