Crimson Clan

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Crimson Clan

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:02 pm

Name of Clan: Crimson Clan (Kurimuson)

Kekkei Genkai: Able to turn sulfur into an explosive liquid by concentrating chakra from their hands.

Element: Earth, Fire

Special Characteristic: Strange Markings on their hands

Description: This clan is a relatively new clan. This clan lives/ lived in Iwagakure. Most of the members of this clan become power driven from their kekkei genkai and they try to kill their colleagues for 'getting the Crimson Clans way'. The members that go crazy with power usually run away and become missing-nin or they go to jail and have their hands cut off so they cant make bombs. Only a few members of the clan have not committed any crimes. This is how the clan can still have more children. The children of the Crimson clan are watched carefully and taught differently. The teachers try to get them to forget completely about their kekkei genkai. This method has worked a couple times, but not all the time. The members of the clan that became jounin and haven't gone mad are sent to kill their kin that are running around in the forest as rogue ninja.

Country: Iwagakure

Clan Jutsus:

Kurimuson Bomb Technique
Rank: B
Only utilized by the Kurimuson clan. This jutsu leads a small trail of fire into the victim. A hole has to be made in the skin by a needle or such.

Summons: Hari Mirion(Million Needles): Hari Mirion is a porcupine-like creature but instead of quills it has senbon. This creature lives up to its name and has 1 million needles on it. It has to shoot only shoot all 1 million needles if it uses its back needles. If it wants to shoot less needles it can spit senbon too. If Hari looses all the needles on its back for over a minute it gets unsummoned.


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