Permission to add new clan - Usagi

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Permission to add new clan - Usagi

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:28 am

New Clan waiting to be approved! Information below!
Clan name: Usagi
Name Means: Moon
Original Village: Village Under the Moon
Bloodline Limit Element: Their Element is light (fire + lightning) and they like to used blood based jutsus (not particularly a bloodline limit element)
Specail Abilities:
RARE- Moon Goddess Chakra - The member with moon goddes chakra has Amazing glowing golden chakra when the moon light shines on them. Their chakra level practically triples and it keeps supplying until the moon is hidden. Most users discover they have this around puberty or a little earlier.
Semi-rare- Wolverine's Fang -The person with "Wolverine's fang" transforms to a vicious wolf at night. If they don't know how to control it, they can go on rampage and kill anyone in sight that cannot defend themselves against a wolf.
Very Common- Light Chakra Manipulation -Mostly the whole entire clan has the ability to use light chakra or light based jutsus. The light, when bright enough, can blind or temperarily stun the enemy. Of course, light creates some heat so it can burn and travels much master than fire.

Common Signature Jutsus taught to Academy and up:
Blood burn technique~ This jutsu is one of their favorites. with precise chakra control, you focus on the heart of the enemy/victim. With a hand sign, the jutsu locks in and the user is in control of their bodily functions. It is very hard to master and is normally used by chuunin, Jounin, and up. anyone younger must have very talented chakra control. The user's eyes glow blue, and a blue moon appears and glows blue on both the foreheads of the user and victim, and the hand of the user. the glowing is not normally seen in the daytime. When the jutsu is locked in: depending on the skill of the user and amount of chakra, they take control of the entire blood system and can do the following: Heart attacks, Internal and external bleeding, artery pop, heart failure, liver failure, brain failure, cough up blood, and a special one: Blood burning / boiling. The original use of the jutsu was to make a burning/ boiling feeling in the blood related organs / veins. it causes lairs to tell the truth, because the feeling is uncomfortable.

Basic Background information: The clan was started back a little later after the village was founded. Some very patriotic like couple decided to adopt a new clan that would be somewhat of a head clan for the village under the moon. The founding father of the family had a rare chakra control ability to where he could use light. His son loved blood and created a blood type jutsu right before he died. the jutsu was passed on from generation to generation because of the effort he put up for it and its rare skill. It is usually first taught to academy or Genin ninja and they fully learn it / master it by the time they are jounin or later. The clan has always struggled to be the strongest clan and tribute alot to their dear village. The clan symbol is a medium-thin crescent moon that is commonly white.

Clan Leader Me, YukikaChan
"character leader" (not official RPing character)[i] Usagi Basama[b]

This Clan will except 10 members! (after approved - it is currently unapproved)

I apologize for any errors, please correct me


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