Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

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Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:43 am

Name of Clan: Akame Ichimon (赤目一門)

Kekkei Genkai:

Akagan, 赤眼

Akagan (赤眼) , a bloodline which can give the user slightly extra chakra,increase his speed and strength but if the user use it for too long about three hours,he will unable to control himself and turning into mindless warrior,kill everyone in his path,even an ally. The ninjutsus which performed by Akame clan member will also charged and become more powerful when their Akagan were awakened.

Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning

Special Characteristic:
-Light blue chakra, shape like a dragon surrounded the Akame clan user.
-Akame's Akagan, their eyes turned into fiery red eyes as the members of the Akame clan activated their bloodline.
-Mostly Akame clan members uses katanas as their primary weapon. They also highly skilled in weapons techniques, taijutsus and ninjutsus.

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Re: Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:46 am

Informations About Akame Clan:

Symbol of Akame clan, the blue dragon means courage, virtue, fearless, and unrivaled.

Principles of Akame Clan:
1. You shall be courage, so you will overcome your enemies without failure.
2. You shall be virtue and polite, so the name of Akame will be honoured.
3. You shall respect others, so they will respect you.
4. You shall be loyal to Akame leader, like you are loyal to the Akame clan.
5. You shall be righteousness, so you can judged the evil and the shadows.
6. You shall be patience, so you can find the solution to defeat your enemy.
7. You shall not be proud, it is a dishonorable deed.
8. You shall not anger, otherwise the enemies will have an opportunity to defeat you without haste.

Morality of Deeds:
1. Humility 谦虚
2. Loyalty 忠誠
3. Respect 尊敬
4. Righteousness 正義
5. Trust 信賴

Morality of Mind:
1. Courage 勇氣
2. Endurance 忍耐
3. Patience 耐心
4. Preseverance 毅力
5. Will 意志


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Re: Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:55 am

Akame Clan Techniques:

Techniques of Akame clan including ninjutsu, taijutsu and weaponry. These techniques were created since 80 years ago when Akame clan established for the first time. Akame clan members performed these techniques for defend themselves and used them for good purpose.
Although the Akame clan learned this technique, outsiders and ninjas from foreign country or different clan can learned this jutsu but it will take three or four days to performed it by successful, but they need the leader's permission's first.


Name: Suiton, Mumyou Saikyou No Ryuu Jutsu (Water Release, Seven Split Water Dragons Technique)
Rank: B, Offensive, Mid-Long range.
Similiar to "Suiton, Suiryudan no Jutsu" (Water Release, Water Dragon Missile ) but it is more stronger and powerful. The user will make a long set of hand signs, and seven, large water dragons appeared behind his/her back and strike at the opponent. This technique can caused a massive destruction like it can wipe out a forest.

Name: Suiton, Sui Ryu No Mai ( Water Release, Dance of Water Dragon )
Rank: B, Offensive, Long Range
Create two water dragons after the user make a few hand signs. It's similiar to "Mumyou Saikyou no Ryuu Jutsu" but weaker. The water dragons appeared in front of the user and immediately charge at the opponent. One of the water dragons grabbed the opponent by using it's mouth and immediately throw the opponent to the sky while the other one strike the opponent from the sky and explodes.

Name: Suiton, Sui Ryu No Shinju (Water Release, Pearl Of Water Dragon. )
Rank: B, Offensive, Long Range.
The user will create a water dragon with a water ball in its mouth, shaped like a pearl and shoot it towards the opponent. Not only one pearl, the water dragon can rapidly fire pearls towards the opponent by command of the user. The pearls also can cause a great water explosion.

Name: Suiton, Sui Ryu No Kabe ( Water Technique, Wall Of Water Dragon )
Rank: C, Defensive, Supplementary.
The user will performed this jutsu to defend him/herself from projectile weapons. First, the user will make a few hand signs then suddenly water wall apppeared and surrounding the user, in order to protect themselves.

Name: Raiton,Raishin No Raizan (Lightning Release, Lightning Cutter Of Thunder God )
Rank: A, Offensive, Short-Mid Range
The user will gathered his/her chakra in his/her left hand,and electric will surround her left palm and thrust it to the opponent.This technique can cut a person into two.

Name: Raiton, Rai Ryu Dangan ( Lightning Release, Bullet Of Thunder Dragon )
Rank: B, Offensive, Mid-Long Range
Creates a electrical dragon and sends it to smash into the opponent, sending forth an incredible shock through the opponents body. That can leave their entire body temporarily paralyzed.

Name: Fuuton, Kaze No Dangan ( Wind Release, Bullet Of The Wind )
Rank: B, Offensive, Long Range
The user will using his/her both hands, gathered chakra until there's a chakra ball in there. After that, the user sent the chakra ball like a bullet towards the opponent. If the opponent able to guard it, he will be stunned from the chakra ball, if not, the opponent will be killed.

Name: Shunpo No Jutsu ( Flash Steps Technique )
Rank: B, Supplementary, Mid Range
This technique allows the user to move all the distance with great speed.Depends on the user's agility,it allows the user to move faster than the eye can followed. This technique used to avoid projectile weapons and approach the enemy without alerting him.This technique doesn't need any hand signs or seals to activate it.

Name: Akame No Kaijutsu ( Release Technique Of Akame )
Rank: B, Supplementary, Short Range.
This technique is to help the Akame clan members, to awakened or unsealed their Akagan, which is not activated yet. This technique only used by the Akame clan leader. To unsealed or awakened the Akagan, the user make a few hand signs, then suddenly an elemental unseal on each of his fingers, then applies on the Akame clan member's fore head.

Name: Akame No Fuuinjutsu ( Sealing Technique Of Akame )
Rank: B, Supplementary, Short Range.
This sealing technique is used for sealed the Akame clan users whom gone berserk after his Akagan's limit. The user must be a Akame clan member so he/she can activated his/her Akagan and approached the Akame berserker and immediately sealed the berserker after make a few handsigns, to put the berserker to sleep for temporary until he/she wakes up.


Name: Tachimachi No Kobushi ( Fist Of Flash )
Rank: A, Offensive, Short-Range
Launching a fast, thrust fist towards the opponent's chest. This lethal fist can able to break the bones in the opponent's chest and killed instantly.

Name: Tora No Nijuu Keru ( Tiger's Twenty Kicks )
Rank: B, Offensive, Short Range.
Launch fast, twenty-times front kicks towards the opponent. At the twentieth, last kick, the user will thrust one of his feet at the opponent's stomach. It requires Toraken to performed this kick.

Name: Taka No Wana ( Trap Of A Hawk )
Rank: C, Offensive, Short Range
It consists of a simultaneous grapple or distraction with the hands and a low kick. The upper body movement caused by the hands draws the attention of the target up and away from the feet which lash out at a target between the stomach and the knee. It requires Taka No Tsume to performed this taijutsu.

Name: Mukage No Keru ( No Shadow Kick )
Rank: C, Offensive, Short Range.
Involves launching a fast, swift front kick while an opponent's attention is drawn elsewhere,usually by keeping his/her arms occupied.It is presented as a simple but blindingly fast kick.

Name: Senkouken ( Flashing Fist )
Rank: C, Offensive, Short Range.
The Senkouken is a special type of taijutsu style originally developed by a taijutsu master that originated from the Sunta Clan in Dragon Country. Seeing as the national element was based upon lightning, the element noted mostly for its speed the user created a style based upon it. Using fast and swift movements to overwhelm the opponent with attacks.

Name: Toraken (Tiger Fist )
Rank: D, Offensive, Short Range.
The Toraken is allow the user to formed his/her hands into shaped like tiger's claws. This technique could teared down an armor.

Name: Taka No Tsume ( Claws Of Hawk )
Rank: D, Offensive, Short Range
The Taka No Tsume will allowed the user to formed his/her hands into shaped like claws of a hawk.


Kenjutsu [Sword Techniques]

Name: Kaze No Zan ( Wind Cut )
Rank: A, Offensive, Short Range.
The user will using Shunpo No Jutsu to approached the opponent, using his blade and killed or injured the opponent by using cut with air.

Name: Kaze Nitou No Kiru ( Two Cuts Of Wind )
Rank: B, Offensive, Mid-Long Range
The user gathered his/her chakra and put them in his/her blade and sent two, large cuts with air towards the opponent.

Yarijutsu [Spear Techniques]

Name: Sen no Tsukisasu ( Thousand Stabs )
Rank: C, Offensive, Short Range
Spear technique, the user will charge at his opponent,and he thrust his spear fast and stab the opponent many times.

Name: Muteki Tsumuji ( Unrivaled Whirlwind )
Rank: D, Defensive, Short Range.
The user used this technique to defend himself or allies.First,he will spin the spear with his might and most projectile weapons will be reflected by the spear technique.This technique is for defense.

Bojutsu ( Staff Technique )

Name: Nan Bo ( Southern Staff )
Rank: D, Offensive, Short Range.
Based on staff techniques coming from Sunta Clan martial arts, its movements stresses more hitting in contrast to the cutting and swinging techniques of the staff.

Akame Kenjutsu No Ryu ( The Sword Of Akame )

Akame Kenjutsu No Ryu teaches standard fencing skills and defense, but they are far more powerful than any of the skills of other sword styles. It is the most powerful sword school in the Akame Clan, before their extinction. All of these techniques written in a scroll, which is already found by Tsurugi.

Akame No Kenjutsu ( Sword Techniques of Akame )

The basic techniques of Akame Kenjutsu No Ryu.

Name: Akame No Kenjutsu, Mizuchi ( Sword Of Akame, Water Dragon )
Rank: A, Offensive, Short-Long Range.
The user shealthed his/her katana,and stand in Iaido stance.Then he/she delivers a dozen of slashes to the opponent by using the air after the user draw his/her katana before the opponent's eyes.

Name: Akame No Kenjutsu, Shin ( Sword Of Akame, Illusion )
Rank: A, Offensive, Mid-Long Range
An attack that creates an illusion of an opponent's worst nightmare, then kills him. This technique need the user to have a highly skilled in Genjutsu. If the user doesn't have the requirements, he/she will not able to performed this technique unless he/she is a Genjutsu specialist.

Akame No Ryu Ougi ( Secret Of Akame Sword )

The advanced technique of Akame Kenjutsu No Ryu. The techniques are based on the Shishin ( Four Gods ), and each has its unique way of dealing damage to enemies.

Name: Akame No Ryu Ougi, Suzaku ( Secret Of Akame Sword, Vermilion Bird )
Rank: A, Offensive, Long-Range.
A technique that embodies the legendary red phoenix. Its speed is incredible, as is the power of its flames, and like the legend of the phoenix,can revive itself from its own destruction. The user will make a set of hand signs and half of his/her chakra will flow into his blade, and summoned the blaze which shaped like a phoenix.

Name: Akame No Ryu Ougi, Byakko ( Secret Of Akame Sword, White Tiger )
Rank: A, Offensive, Long Range.
A technique that embodies of the white tiger. A white tiger that tears an opponent apart with its claws. A superior technique to Suzaku. The user will released a large white cyclone towards the opponent, like a shape of the tiger attacking it's prey. As a result, the difficulty of execution and the subsequent stress on the user are also greater. The cyclone will split into three, two like the shape of the tiger's claws and the cyclone in the middle is in the shape of the head of the tiger with it's jaws open. One of it's "claws" will strike at the opponent. If the "claw" misses, the opponent is dragged in by its other "claw" and ripped apart by its "jaws".

Name: Akame No Ryu Ougi, Genbu ( Secret Of Akame Sword, Black Tortoise )
Rank: A, Offensive and Defensive, Short-Long Range.
A black tortoise entwined with serpents; is both an offensive and defensive technique. Genbu's shell protects the user from an opponent's attack, while the serpents bind and destroy the opponent. The user will released two different large whirlwind. One is like the shape of a turtle's shell, circling around the user and protect him/her. While the other whirlwind, split into seven and shaped like serpents, and begin to strike the opponent.

Name: Akame No Ryu Ougi, Seiryuu ( Secret Of Akame Sword, Green Dragon )
Rank: A, Offensive, Mid-Long Range.
More than a dozen slash are projected toward an opponent and surround him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the sky where the user descends to deliver the final blow.

Name: Akame No Douji Hatsudou,Kouryu ( Simultaneous Attack Of Akame, Yellow Dragon )
Rank: S, Mid-Long Range.
The last and the most powerful sword technique of Akame. If one of Akame No Ryu Ougi above is performed, this action brings forth the final and most powerful beast god. It often took the form a huge, golden, focused blast of wind with destructive power, descending from the heavens to strike at the enemy.


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Re: Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:01 am

History Of Akame Clan

Since the 5 Great Shinobi Nations was formed, Akame clan is a warrior clan in Dragon Country, which is newly established. The leader was Akame Gentoku, the first leader of the clan and the most skilled Akame clan warrior. Every Akame clan members have a bloodline, the Akagan. Akagan is a bloodline which can give the user slightly extra chakra, increase his/her speed and strength but if the user use it for too long about three hours, he will unable to control himself and turning into mindless warrior, kill everyone in his path, even an ally.

The Akame clan also famed for their ninjutsu, taijutsu and weaponry. They formed a great relationship with Sunta clan, another clan which is well-known as their unrivaled taijutsu and weapon making. The Akame clan members have a strong sense of justice and they are warm-hearted people. They also extremely loyal to the First Dragon Emperor, Ouritsu Moutoku. The Akame clan members also respect other clan even they are strong, and also, the Akame is not a proud clan, because they obey one of the Akame clan's principle, " 7. You shall not be proud, it is a dishonorable action.".

During the 2nd Ninja World War, Akame clan warring against it's sworn enemy clan, the Sajin clan. The Sajin clan is a corrupted, cruel and powerful clan in the Serpent Country. The cause of this warring clans because the ninjas of Sajin clan, killed one of the Akame clan members in cruel way before the 2nd ninja war starts. So Akame Gentoku rally his men into the battlefield and storm against a large number of Sajin soldiers.

Akame Gentoku with the flag, rally his calvary forces into the battlefield to fight against the corrupted Sajin clan, during the 2nd Ninja World War.

During the last battle, Akame Gentoku was struck by an enemy arrow during he charging along with his calvary. Since after the Akame clan win, Gentoku died of blood loss, but smiles after he heard that the Sajin clan was completely defeated. After the 2nd Ninja World War, because no heirs served the Akame clan, one by one, every Akame clan members left the Dragon Country because they thought that without any leader of Akame, the Akame clan will completely perished. So every clan members of Akame, left the country and set up their livings in one of the Great Five Shinobi Nations.

After many decades, two young Akame clan member appeared and arrived in Konohagakure and begin their career as Konoha ninjas. This two Akame clan members is Hattori Tsurugi and Sunta Koukin. Hattori Tsurugi destined to be the 2nd Akame clan leader, he is chosen by Akame Gentoku, the First, in his dream. Tsurugi also given an important task to search all Akame survivors and descendants to reunite the Akame clan as one. So, Tsurugi found the first Akame descendant, Akame Mokuran, a Konoha Genin.


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Re: Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:05 am

Akame Mushu Gakkoo ( 赤目武術学校, Martial Arts School Of Akame )

Martial Arts School Of Akame is formed by Akame Sunta Koukin in Konohagakure. This school teaches various of taijutsus, ninjutsus and weapon techniques. Everyone is accepted into the schools including the villagers, academy students, Genins, and Chuunins. Mostly, academy students and genins spent their time in this school during free time and not at any missions. The teachers mostly is Hattori Tsurugi, the Akame clan leader teaches about Akame ninjutsus while Akame Sunta Koukin, teaches about taijutsus and weaponry. Also, this martial arts school also performed Lion Dance ( Shishimai, 獅子舞 ), for entertainment during celebrations and festivals.

The school also making weapons such as spears, swords, katanas, and staffs. The weapon blacksmith is Akame Koukin, because he learned about weapon-blacksmithing during his younger times in Sunta clan.


Short Weapons

Katana (刀, Sword) Two-Handed

Metou (苗刀, Sprout Sword, similiar to Katana but more powerful) Two-Handed

Ken (剣, Short Sword) One-Handed


Bo (棍, Staff), used for training and sparring.

Tetsu Bo (鉄棍, Iron Staff)

Sansetsukon (三節棍 ,Three-section staff)

Long Weapons

Kantou (關刀, Moon Blade)

Hoko (戟, Halberd)

Yari (枪, Spear)


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Re: Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:50 am

Nice Hattori.
I love how much thought and history you put into this clan.
This is an excellent clan.
But remember to use the form.


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Re: Akame Clan (Waiting for approval)

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